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The Yan'an Period (延安时期)(1936-1947)

The Yan'an period refers to the Communist Party base area in Northern China beyond Nationalist control. From here, the Chinese Communist Party…

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The Sino-Japanese War (抗日战争) 1937-1945

In 1937, fully-fledged war broke out with Japan after their imperialist aggression could no longer be tolerated by Chiang Kai-Shek. The Japanese won…

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Chinese Civil War (国共内战) 1945-1949

The Chinese Civil War refers to the re-emergence of conflict between Nationalists and Communists in the immediate aftermath of the Sino-Japanese War.…

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Chinese Land reform (土地改革)

Land reform, in a Chinese context, denotes the abolition of the landlord class, returning farmland to peasants in the spirit of Sun Yat-Sen’s…

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The Nanjing Decade (南京时期) (1927-1937)

The Nanjing decade refers to a ten-year period in which the Nationalist Party led by Chiang Kai-Shek formed a government having ousted both the…

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