Source 2: William Hinton Fanshen (1966)

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Source 2: William Hinton Fanshen (1966)


Land Refom in the Countryside


‘In Long Bow most of the leading gentry and their ‘dog’s legs’ were Kuomintang members. They agitated in favour of that peculiar blend of nationalism, fascism and Confucianism immortalised by Chiang Kai-Shek in his book, China’s Destiny , maintained district control of village life, and mobilised the landlord class for a showdown with the rising peasant revolution.’ p.54

Testimony of a peasant:

“Here is the story told to me by Shen Fa-Ling, indentured to Sheng Ching-Ho for seven years in order to pay off his father’s debt of $4.”

“ All the years I had to work for Ching-Ho I never had a full stomach. I was hungry all the time. Every day he ate enough solid food but he gave me only a little soup with millet in it. You could count the grains that were floating around in the water. Twice I got sick - worn out with work. And I was always cold. I never had food or clothes enough to keep me warm. When I got sick I couldn’t work and the landlord was very angry. He got two men to carry me home so that he wouldn’t have to feed me whilst I was sick. And he made my father pay for the labourer that took my place. My sickness cost him nothing and my whole family had to pay the entire burden.” p. 39


William Hinton


Vintage Press


William Hinton, “Source 2: William Hinton Fanshen (1966),” Chinese History for Teachers, accessed May 23, 2022,

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