Source 4 : Mass Poetry

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Source 4 : Mass Poetry


Mass Poetry During the Great Leap Forward


Selection of mass poems collected by Chen:

In Heaven there is no Jade Emperor. Nor is there a Dragon King in the sea.
I am the Jade Emperor,
I am the Dragon King. Hoy, you Three Sacred Mountains and Five Holy Peaks, Make way!
Here I come.

We worship no god, nor temples build, Chairman Mao's love is greater manifold. Gods we destroy, and temples tear down,
Better than gods we worship the One Man. Mountains may shake, earth may quake but we dare not forget what the Chairman said.

Each year our farm production grows,
Grains and cotton pile up mountain high, Hurrah! Eat the grains, but don't forget the sower,
The Communist Party's our dear Ma and Pa.

Two full baskets I carry on a pole,
How their weight makes the pole bend; But my dear wife, you come and see, I'm carrying a mountain at each end.




Chen, S. H. (1960) 'Multiplicity in Uniformity: Poetry and the Great Leap Forward'. The China Quarterly (3), 1-15




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