Source 2: Edgar Snow (1936) Red Star Over China

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Source 2: Edgar Snow (1936) Red Star Over China


Edgar Snow was an American journalist who spent several months living with and interviewing members of the Chinese Communist Party at their bases in Bao’an and Yan’an. He was present in China during the Xi’an incident. Here, before the incident occurred, Snow asks Mao Zedong how the Japanese can be defeated


“Under what conditions do you think the Chinese people can defeat and exhaust the forces of Japan?” I asked.
He replied: “Three conditions will guarantee our success: first, the achievement of the National United Front against Japanese imperialism in China; second, the formation of a World Anti-Japanese United Front; third, revolutionary action by the oppressed peoples at present suffering under Japanese imperialism. Of these, the central necessity is the union of the Chinese people themselves.” (p.92)


Edgar Snow




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