This website provides overviews and historical sources on some of the major events in China throughout the mid twentieth century. These topics form the core of the history component of paper four of the pre-U Mandarin Chinese syllabus for UK Secondary School students which covers the period from 1937 – 1956. While the site has been designed with students taking this particular exam in mind, any student taking Chinese history at school or degree level should find the content useful. For those who are interested in the pre-U syllabus, a link can be found here: https://www.cambridgeinternational.org/programmes-and-qualifications/cambridge-pre-u-mandarin-chinese-9778/

This website has been designed to be versatile. It can be used as an accompaniment to a textbook or teachers and students can dip in and out of individual topics as it suits them. Each collection of source materials includes an overview of the topic describing the historical events, and introducing students to some of the debates about them. The sources are drawn from a range of historical materials, and are designed to introduce students to the uses that historians make of visual as well as textual sources. Each source comes with a description of its provenance, and this allows students to improve their skills of source analysis.


This website is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) based in the United Kingdom and forms part of an Early Career Leadership Fellow Grant entitled ‘Postwar Urban Reconstruction in China 1937-1958’ awarded to Dr. Toby Lincoln, Associate Professor of Chinese Urban History at the University of Leicester. Dr. Lauren Walden, the research assistant for this project, has collected the historical materials and been responsible for site design. The website has been designed in partnership with the UCL Institute of Education Confucius Institute for Schools (IOE CI). Thanks must go to Katharine Carruthers, Philippa Valleley, and Kay McLeod at IOE CI for all their help throughout this project. Thanks must also go to teachers from around the country who gave their time to attend two workshops and give advice on website design and content. More information about IOE CI can be found here: https://ci.ioe.ac.uk/ Toby and Lauren would both like to thank Simon Dixon, head of archives and special collections at the University of Leicester for all his help throughout the project.

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